"Now let's get this straight. You have no five year plan?"
"It's for my new reality series, 'Surprising Terminations'."
"Are you with the dot coms or the dot orgs?"
"This could be really big if we did our marketing on the Internet."
"So, who do you think is the king of the internet?"
"Ferman, if there's one thing we won't stand for around here, it's MEDIOCRACY!"
"Someday son, this will all be yours."
"I can't quite make it out, but it appears to be from the early mosaic period."
"If you pull it to the right, I think it'll work just fine."
"Gee, I sure hope there are some dot coms left."
"...and I think gentlemen, you'll agree that we've simply but eloquently captured the essence of the proud, noble heritage of whatever the hell it is you people do up here."
"On the other hand gentlemen, when you turn the chart this way, it reveals an entirely different picture."
How business and technology people see each other.
"Before I begin my talk on cognitive dissonance, I'd like to ask that all cell phones and beepers be turned on."
Department of Corrections
Credit Department

"Whose turn is the to pretend we care?"

"I'll stay as long as you pay your cable bill and keep the missus outta my hair."

While Leonard had allowed the e-commerce revolution to pass him by, he was determined not to miss the unraveling of the genetic code.

Predator that he was, Leonard knew Bill Gates would quickly falter. Ellison, however, was another matter. What remained to be seen was whether it would be settled through steely negotiation or, as he anticipated, a deathly mano a mano.

"And so gentlemen, in the emergent economy we no longer will sell this essential component as 'thigh of mastodon' but will bundle it with our new system called 'dem bones'."

"So, I stared my venture capitalists in the eye and told them 'another $50 million or I'm outta here'."

"You're right. The little light stays on."


"Don't blame me. It's the middleman that makes all the money."

"There is no fun in being greedy any more."
"There is no fun in being greedy any more."
"Sure, I'll put your card in my rolodex."

"So does letting me go mean I don't get my raise?"

"Give it some time. You'll find another loop that works for you."

"I think you've got something there."

"When he put me on his speaker phone, I quickly countered with a bad cell phone connection and knew I had him."

"Would you like me to project your earnings potential or would you like to leave now?"

"Now that I am on Facebook, there just aren't many more mountains to climb."

Laughing in the face of diversity, Leonard ignored the market's recent travails. Was he alone in knowing the Dow would break 20,000 in only a matter of days?

"Even better than a raise Fenton, we're going to bestow upon you the Klupman Award and all the rights, privileges, and perquisites inherent within its prestigious and historical past."

"And to my dear wife, Alice, I leave half my property and all the responses from my Internet dating memberships."

"I'm working hard to overcome the petty, malicious, vindictive instincts about revenge. Still there is a moment of glee in it."

"Thank you for the tour folks, I think I can speak for the entire executive team when I say that this has helped us understand whatever the heck it is you do down here."