"We picked it up from one of the natives for virtually a song."
"I may be an aspiring actress but I would never wait tables. I'm a concierge."
Car Pool Tunnel Syndrome
"Where'd you get your domestic help?"
"What if the hokey-pokey really is what it's all about."
"We're the Hendersons from Westchester and we're joining Martha Stewart in her flight back to the city."
"It's just not the same in Winter when your friends can't see it's you that's coming."
"Why, what a coincidence. I'm an unpublished writer, too."
"No, I can't tell you the time. This is not my table."
"Now that summer is here, I can forget about love and focus on my tan."
"Do you have any pants that say liberal, debonair, with a touch of recklessness and a seven figure income in salmon or lime green?"
"I think I'm suffering from terminal uniqueness."
"It's the worst deli in town but the complaints couldn't be better."
"And in this part of town you'll see a few of the people who are still wondering whether Camus and Sartre exist."
"I hate generics."
"Hi. My name is Bob and I'm struggling with happy endings."
"He only speaks to other actors."
Mike takes Bob for a walk
"Son, there's one thing in this business you always have to remember. 'Keep your eye on the door.'"
"I think she had something to do with Hemingway."
"Why, it's New York!"
"It's just like TV, only bigger."
"Let's all work on these tonight."
"I'll have the Decaf Chopra."
"I'm sorry ma'am. We don't sell art by the yard."
"Oh my God! It's like a city unto itself."
Springtime in New York