"And so, so, in conclusion, I'd just like to say you're all incredibly beautiful people."


"I'm sure they'll settle when you tell them who our lawyer is."




Despite every plea, Leonard refused to take sides in the upcoming presidential race. He knew a night at the Inaugural Ball could be ruined by such rampant pandering.


"I'm sorry Mr Moses. We'll need a couple of more days to get you clear title."


"I'm sorry, I don't have you listed down here as a species."


"Do you have something in a medium that says quietly independent, rugged, yet possessing a certain indefinably gentle spirit who's facing 9 to 5?"


"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my instructions are for you to go into careful, thoughtful and deliberate consideration of whatever the hell it is these people have been talking about for the last two weeks."


"The court will now adjourn for juice and nappy."


"Distinguished citizens of Earth... Having followed your civilization from afar, it is in friendship not unmixed with feelings of profound pleasure that we now judge your planet ready to take its rightful -- and if I may say, long-awaited -- place on the supreme legislative council of the galaxy..."


The Bay of Pigs had been one thing, but now with the whole Elian debacle, Leonardo decided he had had his fill and was determined to see Castro's ouster. The one mystery he had to solve before enacting his coup d'etat was the whereabouts of Batista.


"No, I'm sorry Mr President, we don't have any small words for $50 category."


"I was going to vote for... what's his name... until he said that thing about... oh, you know what I mean... so I decided to vote for the other guy instead."


"One more time... Why did you cross the road?"